The Benefits of Tai Chi and Chi Kung

Chi and Chi Kung is not a craze or a fad. Tai Chi and Chi Kung has no religious element.

Tai Chi and Chi Kung is an Eastern approach to the health and wellbeing of the body and mind effectively proven and practised for over 200 years.

It has a whole person approach. Gentle physical exercises synchronised with the breath means the body starts to work in tune with the nervous system. Exertion and relaxation can be achieved simultaneously.

The process reduces muscular and nervous tension in the body, allowing the mind and emotions to become still and quiet.

In Tai Chi movement and Chi Kung breathing we learn how to get our body and mind into balance, how to keep it in balance, and what to do when you are out of balance.

With gentle regular practice you can develop your own programme for personal health and wellbeing. These techniques of fusing body exertion and mind relaxation simultaneously can be introduced into everyday life / work situations to reduce stress and promote wellbeing while managing and directing your energy on a daily basis.

The Benefits

The Unique Qualities



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