Via House Retreat, OrkneyIsland Breaks at Via House in the Orkney Islands

"I arise today through the strength of the universe:
Light of Sun - radiance of Moon.
Splendour of fire, speed of lightning,
Swiftness of wind, depth of sea,
Stability of Earth, firmness of rock"
(trans Kuno Mayer)

Go slowly, breathe and smile.

The song of the Earth has been sung since the beginning of time, but we can no longer hear it. By exploring the natural wisdom of Earth, Air, Fire and Water our mind, body and spirit can learn the tune and the song of the Earth may return to us.

We invite anyone to embrace their sense of adventure and get away from it all with our Island Breaks at Via House island retreat breaks at Via House.

Tai Chi, Chi Kung and the Four Elements for individuals and small groups Environmental and Heritage Holidays for families and small groups
Arts Activity Holidays for Adults, Young people and Children with Learning Disabilities Bespoke Holidays for Carers of all ages


"Orkney, Edwin Muir the poet said, is a land where the lives of living people turn into legend, in a small community, enclosed by sea and sky and fields, it is possible to see a man's life as a whole. It has a clear outline, it becomes elemental and larger than life."
George Mackay Brown


Peatfire Tales are a popular Orkney Attraction. For more information about our special evenings, group bookings and the tales we tell, visit our sister site -


Escape from the mainland of everyday and travel to an island retreat.
Enjoy the freedom, safety and tranquility of Via House. Please contact us to find out more!!